Something's different, I haven't been the same in a while.  I'm antsy, I'm hungry, and I just don't take excuses anymore.  I've been a geek all my life.  Growing up in a home full of violence didn't take me out of my shell either.  What did give me some confidence was making music. Poetry was my starter drug, then I upgraded to the harder stuff.  I started writing rhymes.  I already sang in the choir so that was just a bit of salt on the dish.  Once I started producing records...I overdosed.  No matter what I kept DOING MY THANG.  You should do yours too. Click below to hear more from me as I get a real job.  


new single "Do Your Thang"


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The Cycle is an album that centers on breaking the cycle of poverty and violence. Growing up in gang infested neighborhoods and a home filled with domestic violence, I turned to making music to distract me from the pain and tough times. This is the story of the process that made me an artist.

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Ice Cube made Jackin' for Beats and now I'm keeping the tradition going. I'm hopping on the best songs and spitting a quick 16 to give it my spin.  Thanks for watching. 


Get a dose of independent music advice straight from an independent musician.  These are the basic things you need to be a stronger brand.  

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In Little Rock, AR, violence was not a new topic.  Gangs and crime wrapped its arms around the city in the early 90’s. On the south side of town a young boy grew up in the middle of it all. Born Terry Johnson on December 22nd, 1987, WordPlay TJay grew up surrounded by pain, music, and art.  His father played saxophone, his mother sang in the church, his aunt sang as well, and his uncle was a drummer and a DJ. His love for performance and music came naturally.  Although it took years to bud, his talent emerged through loss. 

WordPlay TJay was inspired by the passing of his grandmother to use his voice to make others feel good.  The positive reaction he received when he sang made him happy and eased the grief caused by death.  He continued learning music in choir classes to hone his voice.  At the same time, he would write poems to distract from his bad experiences.  Domestic violence creeped into his life as a teen, and this is when his poems became raps inspired by his first album purchase, Ludacris’ Word of Mouf.

The young emcee continued to write until his uncle inspired him to record his work.  One of his early works, “The South”, went on to earn him the title “Hottest in the Rock” by local station Hot 96.5.  This fueled WordPlay TJay’s flame and gave him the courage to sneak in a local bar to meet Def Jam co-founder, Russell Simmons.  During the meeting WordPlay TJay’s demo was rejected but Simmons encouraged him to keep going.  So in 2005, at 18 years old, WordPlay TJay created On The Map Music Group an independent record label. 


For 5 years WordPlay TJay struggled to be heard.  Losing another grandparent to illness put him in a new creative space.  His motive changed to inspiring others to take the little that was given to them to change their lives.  This “Nothin’ Less” philosophy birthed his debut mixtape including the single “Breakfast & Biggie”.  In 2011, WordPlay TJay got into the game on MTV’s RapFix Live, hosted by Sway Calloway.  The host, along with rapper Ja Rule, described WordPlay TJay as “well written and catchy”.   This is the spark that WordPlay TJay needed to grow into the spotlight.

WordPlay TJay continues to make inspiring songs that mix mainstream sounds with a message.  His lyricism and catchy hooks are crafted to give people hope and motivation.  His latest single “Do Your Thang” drives people to use their talents to change their lives instead of following the tradition of a 9-5 job.  At the same time, his music is therapeutic.  He uses the creative process to work through depression and the anxiety from his past.  WordPlay TJay lives through symbiosis by giving music and receiving the love from those who appreciate it.  This makes the violence he knew as a child shrink under positivity.  


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