I started writing because dealing with depression was tough.  First it was poems and then I started to emulate raps from my first CD purchase, Ludacris' Word of Mouf. I enjoyed performing for the church choir and drawing was my first passion, but something about rapping grabbed me.  So for days, weeks, and months I wrote and practiced making beats.  My new album, The Cycle, is a product of all of that hard work and the feelings I had coming out of that depression. I felt like I broke the cycle of negativity.  Now you can hear what changed my life in my new album. 




The Cycle is an album that centers on breaking the cycle of poverty and violence. Growing up in gang infested neighborhoods and a home filled with domestic violence, I turned to making music to distract me from the pain and tough times. This is the story of the process that made me an artist.

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Ice Cube made Jackin' for Beats and now I'm keeping the tradition going. I'm hopping on the best songs and spitting a quick 16 to give it my spin.  Thanks for watching. 


Get a dose of independent music advice straight from an independent musician.  These are the basic things you need to be a stronger brand.  

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21st century dwayne wayne mixed with big daddy kane.


Nerdy is the new cool and WORDPLAY TJAY embraces that.  Dwayne Wayne was the witty, math mentor in the 90’s sitcom “A Different World”, but he was still the character everyone wanted to be.  WORDPLAY TJAY is the 21st Century Dwayne Wayne mixed with the style and wit of Big Daddy Kane.  He is a choir boy and bookworm turned emcee and Hip Hop producer.  Growing up in Little Rock, AR around gang violence gave WORDPLAY TJAY the motivation to hit the books.  This love for knowledge turned into a creativity to flip words into poetry.  The love for poetry turned into lyrics. 

WORDPLAY TJAY flipped his love for writing and the raps came out.  Since he spent so many years in choir the raps meshed with a little melody and out came some silky smooth songs with creative wordplay.  In 2011 on of his songs “Breakfast & Biggie” made it to Sway and MTV when it premiered on MTV’s RapFix Live.  Building on his career WORDPLAY TJAY continues to make new music touching on tough times, love stories, and ambitious lyricism.  Place dope lyrics into a button up shirt and you’ll get WORDPLAY TJAY.  


His first retail release was called It Was Written in 2009.  A year later things began to change. He formed On The Map Music Group and created his single "Breakfast & Biggie"  The single was soon picked up by XXL's 1st Hip Hop Style contest. WordPlay TJAY became a finalist but did not win.  Still his luck wasn't over. Six months later the music video for "Breakfast and Biggie" was picked to be released on MTV's Rap Fix Live. There rapper Ja Rule and host Sway Calloway inducted WordPlay TJAY into the hip hop game.  A few months later WordPlay TJAY released his 2nd album Nothin' Less.

He went on to release a 3rd album So Much More in 2012 after living on the move from town to town in 2012. The rapper settled back in his home town and created his 4th album 72701 Stories: College Ambition. The project highlighted his time in college and his journey to dropping out.  He also underwent a transformation from TJAY to WordPlay TJAY.  The name is an extension of his witty and catchy lyricism. This transformation led way to a change in style.  He captures this new style in his 2013 EP Lost in the Water. The work is a prelude to his album The Cycle. WordPlay TJAY digs deep to find the important things in life. This journey is what The Cycle is made of. The album takes us through a positive time in WordPlay TJAY's life after coming out of all the pain.


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