Keeping it 100

In celebration of his 100th video about music marketing, WordPlay T. Jay is going over the four most important things musicians should know.

Every musician at some level wants his or her business to grow, and first and foremost, that starts with putting out quality work. It’s not about giving half or a third, but all! Putting your best foot forward is the best by to go. Quantity is also important. Do more and more each day.

This was how T. Jay ended up with 100 videos. The original plan was for only 26, but the work never ends.

Secondly, it’s imperative that you secure your secure your publishing rights. Securing royalties is important to T. Jay, and it should be to you, too. Many artists that skip out on this step learn down the road how much money they could have made had they secured publishing rights from the start.

Thirdly, promote, promote, promote. It’s not about shameless self promotion, but the only way to get your name and music out into the world is to talk about it, post about it and share it.

There are numerous videos and posts by T. Jay giving tutorials on promotion through Facebook, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and many more avenues.

At the end of the day, you have to sell yourself, or you will never be known. After all, music is made to be shared.

Finally, it’s important to evolve with the times. We are in a digital age, and physical copies of music (CDs, records, etc.) are not as important for fans to have anymore.

Streaming has also widened the scope of how far your work can travel. The digital age allows you to reach across the world — any country and any culture.

You can still mix in physical things. Still sell merch, still make CDs and still tour, but don’t underestimate how far you can go digitally. The world is yours, and you can get it by adapting to the streaming age.

To mark the occasion of video No. 100, T. Jay wishes to thank everyone who has watched and learned.

“Seeing people win is what drives me,” he said.