No iTunes, no iProblem

With Apple changing its applications and moving away from iTunes for separate apps for music, podcasts and TV/movies, the question has come up, how will this affect musicians.

According to WordPlay T. Jay, the short answer is — it won’t.

News outlets say the death of iTunes as an IOS program will not really affect users or distributors. Users can still stream music and download form the iTunes Store, and Apple has confirmed the Store will be live as long as people are still buying from it.

For more than a decade, iTunes has been a standalone application that allowed Mac users to keep music, podcasts and Tv/movies all together, but the separation into separate apps means the music aspect of iTunes will merge with Apple music.

For those with devices like iPhones and iPads, this is already the case, so the change will only affect Mac computer and laptop users.

Windows users will still be able to use iTunes and sync their Apple devices like normal, and Mac users will now use Finder to sync their devices.

Artists can also still send their music to Apple Music and iTunes.

Beyond that, WordPlay T. Jay said if not doing it already, artists should be sending their music to streaming services, because that is the direction music is going, and it will help make music even more accessible and available for listeners to find.