How to get a Wiki-Wiki-Wiki-pedia page

When it comes to branding, a useful tool for getting your name out there can be Wikipedia, and there are a number of things you can do to get a page of your own.

According to WordPlay T. Jay, getting a page isn’t a career-maker, but it can help in solidifying your brand. But, first things always first, you have to be releasing music and be pushing it with your brand. That is how you gain attention to get interviews, articles and shows booked.

You should also upload your catalogue to MusicBrainz, which is like a Wikipedia for music. If any of your music is in iTunes or streaming services, you can upload them.

Once the studio and branding work is done, you have to create what will be the content for your Wikipedia page, which means you have to go do some notable things. Have features on your singles or guests at performances, do radio interviews, perform at festivals and do things the masses pay attention to. That will help build notoriety and a base for Wikipedia content.

When there are enough sources there, get someone to write your page for submission. A Wikipedia page isn’t about bragging or promoting, but about the basic facts of your life and the things you have done. For this reason, you will need a neutral point of view from the page author.

You should also include great references, similar to a bibliography in a high school English paper. There must be reputable sources to confirm the things you’ve done, and they must be included.

How do you get reputable sources to give you press? For starters, try contacting local papers or radio shows. Reach out to media outlets and use any coverage as leverage. You should also put out press releases when you drop new music, whether it’s a single or an album.

Doing all of these things will get you on track to getting a Wikipedia page. But, don’t lose focus on what’s important — making good music people want to hear.

If you do that, the page will eventually build itself.