Boost your media coverage through

Looking to promote a single with zero fans? Looking to grow your current fan base? Looking for media coverage and avenues to share your music?

Look no more and head over to

WordPlay T. Jay has used this tool a number of times to reach new outlets for sharing his music, such as blogs, YouTubers, radio and more.

First things first, set up an account and go to the main page. You will need credits to submit songs, but do not buy them just yet.

Instead, click the “Blogs & Labels button,” then use the filter settings to narrow down to media with the most interest in your style of music. You can sort by genre, price and outlet type, including blogs, SoundCloud channels, YouTube channels, radio stations, Spotify playlisters and streamers.

Once filtered, find the outlet to which you want to submit, click it, then click the green “Submit to…” button. This page may bring up a 10% discount option on credits. If it does, great! You got a discount WordPlay T. Jay was mad about missing!

If it’s not there — unlucky. You’ll have to hit the credits button up top and purchase some. Prices are: 5 credits for $6, 10 credits for $10, 30 credits for $27 and 100 credits for $80.

Outlets cost 1-3 credits each, and the outlet must listen to the submission and provide feedback to claim the credits. If they do not do those things, you get your credits back.

Once credits are purchased and a song is submitted following the specific outlet’s submission requests, wait to see if you will be feature or receive constructive feedback.

WordPlay T. Jay stands by SubmitHub as an excellent tool for artists and curators. For artists, it saves time from having to send 30-40 individual emails, and for curators, it gives them a platform to easily go through submissions compared to receiving in email.

The key to being noticed and gaining the extra coverage is to put in the research to find outlets that are the best for you.