Here's A Book for Creating in the Face of Anxiety | Fake Blues by WordPlay T. Jay

About 2 years ago, I started writing about my struggles with trying to stay creative. This was in the midst of developing a part of myself that would be more prolific. I learned how to take care of myself first, how to relax my mind and thoughts, and how to stay inspired to create.

The writing developed into a book called, Fake Blues: Creating in the Face of Anxiety. That wasn’t the title at first. By now, I don’t remember what my drafts were called. I know eventually I began to call the book Fake Blues. I wanted to express that I had made up a lot of the anxieties and they were things that would not harm me in real life.

Many of the things we consider to be real dangers are not. They are a product of our overactive imaginations and primitive instincts. We create danger where none exist. This guide is for people who struggle to make up their minds about being creative.

Some of the things we experience are: internal pressures that the work isn’t good enough, not feeling as if we are inspired in the moment, sharing the work to the world, and listening to people who aren’t creative who say it will never work out for you.

Everything I put into the book has been my experience. Just like my music career, everything is reality. Take a moment to watch the video below and consider purchasing Fake Blues if you are a creative person with anxieties.