Manage your SmartURLs with Pivot Table

Nearly two years ago now, WordPlay T. Jay went over how to use SmartURL and the Pivot Table, but some things have changed since then and a refresher is in order.

The best place to do this is at After logging in, go to “Pivot Table,” as this allows you to target multiple retailers like iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music, as well as others like Google Play, Amazon and more.

The key when creating a SmartURL, T. Jay says, is to keep it simple. People tend to get all their music from the same places, so three or four options in a SmartURL should be enough.

Once you have decided which retailers to use, copy your song link from that specific retailer and put it into the Pivot Table. It should automatically load in a ton of information, as well as country destinations. You will need to add your social media URLs.

From there, paste in new links for each retailer to complete the SmartURL. After you are don, you can change settings like the images, colors or borders, and you can even add a video.

Adding a custom alias is also important, as it lets you track the URL better.

For more about using, check out the video below.